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Brandi Tucker
Name Brandi Tucker
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Hobbies I like to read watch some TVs play with my children and go out to eat : )
About Me I am 24 years old I am engaged to a wonder man Scott Loudermilk we 6 children all together he has 3 girls I have one.girl & we have one girl together and he also takes care of his step son from his last marriage.Yep that's right 5 little girlies : ) we are quiet, Harding working, honest people who try to be Happy for everything in life that we have and make everyday worth smiling for
Brandi Tucker
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
584 days ago

Congratulations to all the winners of 12 Days!!!

Brandi Tucker
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
596 days ago

You are the most caring person Ellen. It's wonderful to see all the things you do for people especially around the Holidays. You are my inspiration to always do good for people and love with all you got Thank You Ellen for always reminding me of these

Brandi Tucker
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John! Day 3 of 12 Days!
598 days ago

Can't wait to see this one tomorrow: ) love them both

Brandi Tucker
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
600 days ago

Hi Ellen just wanna say what a wonderful person you are. It would really help us out to win one of the 12 days my fiance & I have 6 kids to buy for Christmas and on Thanksgiving morning whole my fiance was out in our front yard two men walked up put a gun in his face and took everything on him including the $400 we had just got for black Friday so now it is really hard to get our kids much for Christmas please please Ellen it would be a God sent for someone to help us.
Brandi Tucker: )