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bonny cail
Name bonny cail
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Hobbies Watching Ellen ;), reading, skiing, traveling, taking my kids to their many functions...
About Me I am a mother of two teenagers (three if you count my husband), one boy, one girl . They are both A students and actively involved in sports, dance, acting classes, etc, so I am a very busy person running them around. Other than that, I work two part-time jobs, volunteer as kitchen chair, financial secretary and help in the food bank at our church. When I have time, I like to read mysteries, garden and travel to see family and friends in Oregon.
bonny cail
Message from Ellen
534 days ago

Loved watching you on the Grammy's last night Ellen. Your reaction to Katie's dress was hilarious! Thanks for the laughs you always bring.

bonny cail
Make Bethenny's DIY Gifts!
588 days ago

Received the tweet 4 times, so thought I would check it out. Great ideas! I'm going to try a couple of them ...the sugar scrub and the snow.