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About Me I am Bonnie Toadvyn, nice person. I am currently helping my daughter with grandsons, hoping to learn ebay and a few more internet gizmos. Feel so bad for Sandy Victims...know how it is to lose everything
Bonnie Toadvyn
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581 days ago

Ellen: The Trinity Church, on 8th and Hudson, in Hoboken, NJ is a most wonderful place. During the flood, they worked and worked...providing warmth, coffee, meals, charges, beds...and, you know what, their still working for the community. When we had no power, no warmth, no light....etc, just the awful smell of that filthy black water (filled with sewage, garbage, oil, gas & etc), I sat there, got warm, got coffee, got food, got company and laughter, even...and charged my phone (that did not work anyway) Oh, and they didn't ask anything.