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Bonnie Murrell
Name Bonnie Murrell
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Hobbies cycling, hiking, crochetting, tap dancing,
About Me I am an optimist. I love the outdoors and spending time with my husband, Brad. I am a cat lover, not a dog lover. I wish I had more time to learn. I LOVE my job and believe that is important since I have to spend so much time doing it. I think the world provides a feast for the eyes and we should never stop looking around.
Bonnie Murrell
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
597 days ago

Out of unconditional hug....a connection that leaves me longing for more, and the pressure to always do my best. I want to be a mom. Knowing the world is full of children who need a sense of belonging and a family to fulfill that need, my dream has always been to adopt. I have never wanted to bring another child into this world but rather to provide a home and a family for a child who has already graced the world with his or her presence. After 7 years filled with moments of hope, lots of patience, misleading information, subtle disappointments, and tears....lots of tears, the pursuit continues. International adoption has always been out of reach financially but became even more difficult when my husband and I moved to increase our income, only to find out our move narrowed the adoption field by about sixty percent. Our domestic adoption journey has been wrought with challenges of a different kind.
As a Family Conference Coordinator organizing family meetings for those involved in the child welfare system and who's children are in need of protection, I have the privilege of supporting others to improve the lives of children everyday. I LOVE my work and believe in the power of family to make good decisions for their members. My work also reminds me that there are children right in front of me who need a home. I believe in the motto of paying it forward and practice that everyday in my life. I have just always hoped that someday the pay it forward moment I dream of....will come in the form of an unconditional hug.... a connection that leaves me longing for more, and the pressure to always do my best. I will be a mom.