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Bonnie Kirchner
Name Bonnie Kirchner
Joined 662 days ago
Hobbies Walking, fishing, gardening, 4/wheeling, boating, family and photography
About Me I'm retired, live in Northeastern MN on a beautiful lake and enjoy all things nature!
Bonnie Kirchner
Message from Ellen
313 days ago

sounds like a great upcoming week with great guests. Love the show, try not to miss it. Thank you for your ongoing generosity Ellen, hoping to win some day!! Sun Day is great, I agree!

Bonnie Kirchner
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
546 days ago

Bonnie Kirchner; 50! Ellen, you are but a BABE IN THE WOODS! I graduated from college in my 50th year with my Grandaughter on my lap, she is 22 years old now! I am now retired and have time to watch your show, which I enjoy so much. Life, you will find, is great after 50. Live your years as you want to, enjoy each year ahead of you, and, continue to love life, as it appears you really do. Thanks for the laughs!

Bonnie Kirchner
Jessica Biel, and the 1st Day of 12 Days!
599 days ago

This 12 Days of Christmas is just tooooooo exciting! I have signed up for the prizes and really love watching the festivities each day on TV. If I don't win, at least I have had fun watching the show and how this all plays out. I do wish the audience would not scream so much, settle people and enjoy the moment! Your friend, Bonnie Kirchner

Bonnie Kirchner
Win Prizes from jcp!
616 days ago

I really enjoy your show Ellen. It is a pleasure to watch someone as talented and entertaining as you, not to mention your ongoing generosity! You cheer me when I am blue, you make me laugh when I really don't feel like laughing, and you make an already good day better! I am retired now from Social Work and believe that, in all things, one must keep their sense of humor. I have taught this to my children and grandchildren, so spending time with them is always FUN! Positive is so much better than negative! Keep smiling!