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Bonnie Irvine
Name Bonnie Irvine
Location Carrollton, TX
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Hobbies grandchildren, card making, scrap-bookking, sewing, gardening, and reading and of course watching the Ellen show
About Me 2 year breast cancer survivor now working on surviving life. During my journey I lost my marriage, my job and my identity. But as the song states "I will survive"
Bonnie Irvine
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421 days ago

I got to watch your show today and I thought it was wonderful. I want to thank you also for your support for the American Cancer Association. Being a 2 year survivor myself I know the importance of research and and finding a cure. My family has a history of cancer. My sister had it the year before me, she was there for me since my husband was not supportive of my journey that I was placed upon. Well after 12 months of chemo, radiation and a million other tests I made it through. I'm now living with my daughter down in Texas, I guess were suppose to be helping each other out me a loss of job, identity and such and her a divorce. Separation is hard after 48 years of marriage but I proved I am a fighter and will make it. I have friends that ask me how the can help someone that has been just diagnosed I tell them just be there for them and provide laughter it seems my year didn't have much humor and could have used some, since everyone else is usually so somber. I know you are doing your bit to help and there are many like myself that want to say thank you so much for your kind words and support.