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Bonnie Burns
Name Bonnie Burns
Age 52
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Hobbies needle pointing,playing clean sweep with the lottery tickets
About Me I'm a 51 yr old women that is disable from chronic pain from back surgery in 2004. My nerves are shot from the pain. We had to move in with my dad in South Carolina. My husband and I can afford to live on our own but WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE OUR OWN HOUSE.My husband and I became Grandparents of 2 boys Ian 5 and Tripp 1 month old. Grandma would love to have her own house so when her grand baby come down to South Carolina they can stay with her.
Bonnie Burns
Portia's Birthday Gift for Ellen!
465 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Happy Birthday and many many more, The Birthday Card that Portia made was great. Bonnie

Bonnie Burns
Message from Ellen
475 days ago

Hello Ellen
My name is Bonnie I live in South Carolina, Our CABLE COMPANY "TIME WARNER" WANTS TO GET RIDE OF THE CHANNEL 13(WBTW CBS)THAT IS THE TV STATION THAT WE "WATCH YOU ON". Ellen, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and football. We just found out last night on the TV while watching football that channel 13 WBTW will be going off the air, We all need to call the cable company and tell them If you get rid of channel 13 our local station that we are going to find another cable company. Hopefully we can get enough people to call to protest phone number is 1-855-771-1967 or url at please please do some thing for us. Just to let everybody know channel 13 is a very popular tv station here in South Carolina. especially my father watches you Ellen, Wheel of fortune d I Please Help us so my dad can watch this channel and so my husband and I can keep him happy.

Thanks for all your help
Bonnie and Phil Burns
know don't make fun of my gmail address
because it is my cat name and my middle name

Bonnie Burns
Win All the Prizes from Day 12 of 12 Days!
487 days ago

Hello Ellen, My Husband Had rotatior surgery on Monday Dec 17, 2012
He is doing better today. Then on This Friday of have to have a procedure done (I have women problems)Hopefully I won't end up in the hospital. I hope the following years are better considering I'm disable with failed back surgery and depression since 2004.(From Wall-Mart). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Portia and can't forget Momma

Bonnie Burns
Megan Fox, Bethenny Frankel
488 days ago

Good morning Ellen my sister and I have had a really ruff year. My sister lost her job, She lives in Georgia and has a lot of medical problems. I'm disable and live in South with my husband. My sister doesn't have any money to live in Georgia she doesn't have any money to live any where. We are trying to get her here in South Carolina getting the 12 day of Christmas would be wonderful it would make her day and my day also to see her very happy. Thanks again Bonnie

Bonnie Burns
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
491 days ago

well here we go again Ellen still haven't won the 9 days of Christmas but we will have the 10,11,12 days of Christmas hopefully I can win 1 - 12 days of Christmas. That would be very very nice

Bonnie Burns
Win All the Prizes from Day 9 of 12 Days!
492 days ago

Hello Ellen Well my husband went for EKG yesterday and blood work for his shoulder Surgery on Monday! Keeping our fingers crossed that everything is going to work out good for him. Tomorrow I have to go for catscan. Hopefully everything comes out good.
Everything is in Gods hands. Christmas I going to shot this year really don't have any extra money for Christmas Presents. At least my Kids are old enough to know that they aren't going to get anything only my 2 grand kids are getting something very little from us. Hopefully you can do something for us? and If not may be next year you can Well happy holidays to you and Portia and Momma Phil and Bonnie South Carolina

Bonnie Burns
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
493 days ago

Dear Ellen, I'm a 51 disable women, My Husband and I live with my dad in South Carolina, I've been trying for years to win at least 1 of the 12 days of Christmas. But I would like to win all the 12 days of Christmas Like everybody else. My husband Is have shoulder surgery on the 17th of Dec. and then his Friday I have to have a procedure done. Then the following Friday another procedure. Keep your fingers crossed that I won't have to surgery (I have women problems). So it would be nice to win because I don't drive because of my disable(failed back surgery with chronic pain and depression) and it will be very hard for my husband to bring me around. Thank you again Bonnie B

Bonnie Burns
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
493 days ago

Well Ellen here we go again It is the 8th day of Christmas 1. I love coach 2. Need gas 3. Also would love to go to Caesars Palace. 3.Le Myste're My sister lost her job the other day and i WOULD LOVE TO SURPRISE HER

Bonnie Burns
Shake It Down!
493 days ago

Hello Ellen Love Shaking it Down That is great that your brother wrote a song. Bet of Luck to him.

Bonnie Burns
Win All the Prizes from Day 6 of 12 Days!
495 days ago

Ellen Happy Holidays to you and your wife Portia. I'm hoping to have a good Holiday, My husband is going to have a cast on his shoulder. Then I have to have a procedure done also. We need some good luck It would be wonderful to win the 12 Days of Christmas, I've been trying to get tickets to your show but they are also sold out just my luck. Have a Wonderful Holiday with your Wife Portia and Momma.Love a all ways Bonnie and Phil Burns South Carolina