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Bonnie  Blouch
Name Bonnie Blouch
Location Lebanon, Pa.
Age 64
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Hobbies My grandchildren, helping others
About Me I am a mother of a son and daughter and 4 beautiful grandaughters ages 4,3, and 1. Finally a grandson.age 4 months. I am on disability and have a lot of health.issues.and more than anything wantnto meet you ellen.i will be married 46 yrs and since we nevee had a honeymoon my dream is to come on a xmas show and meet you .our annv is dec 16th. (46;yrs) love you
Bonnie  Blouch
Ellen's Good News! Little Girl Makes It to Disney World
273 days ago

Ellen please facebook. .and read.Aimees.Army.(a young mother with cancer for the third time and they told Aimee its stage.four and terminal but there is always hope and ellen she is alone with a 14 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter. we are all from Lebanon, Pa and we are and take donations and have dinners etc. please please help ellen!!!