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Bonnie Anne Pinard
Name Bonnie Anne Pinard
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Hobbies Writing, singing, publishing my first novel.
About Me I’m a middle aged dreamer with a passion for art and beauty, music, and theater. I am a woman of faith who celebrates the beauty of the world while giving the glory to God for its creation. Growing up as a lonely and introspective child, I found escape in the fantasy world of books and movies. I’ve always been creative; inspired by other artists and dreamers to sing, write, to draw, to perform, and to believe in life’s ‘Deeper Magic.’ My latest passion is authoring my first novel Chanson de l’Ange~ a Phantom of the Opera based 3 book series to be released in the next few months! I am 56 years old and reside in a modest home in the Pacific NW with my husband. We recently celebrated 34 exciting and fulfilling years of a loving marriage, and together we have one son, who is an accomplished composer. My husband also has 2 grown sons from his first marriage. Like most families, we have have faced some tough challenges in this adventure we call life, and there have been many ups and downs along the way. However, through it all we have managed to overcome and persevere. Recently, my dear husband who is a spry and handsome 68 years of age, was diagnosed with a severe cognitive impairment. We don’t yet know what the future holds, but are taking each day as it comes, enjoying all that life has to give as we draw strength from each other, and from our faith in God. We are currently making the most of his forced retirement by landscaping our property, and by enjoying the many doves, hummingbirds, wild birds and squirrels that visit our yard!
Bonnie Anne Pinard
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
597 days ago

Dear Ellen,

The truth is that what I really want in life is not something anyone can provide, not even your generous show and all you do for people in need. No amount of money can buy it, and no amount of wishing for it can make it come true. I am a 57 year old woman, married to the same wonderful man for 35 years. Two years ago he was diagnosed with cognitive impairment, which has now progressed into Alzheimers disease. At only 68 years of age he is still a handsome and intelligent man, but little by little I am losing him, and worse than that-he is losing himself. Every day my heart is broken as we both struggle to fit our lives around this devastating disease. As you know, there is no cure, and Alzheimers will eventually take him from me. It might be five years, it might be twenty. No one knows, as this will depend upon the progression of the disease. So having told you this-what I really want out of life is for my husband to be whole, healthy, happy and clear of mind until a ripe old age, but like Dorothy said to The Wizard of Oz, "I don't think you have anything in that bag for me."

Thank you, Ellen for having Gerard Butler on your show. I have been a fan of his since 2004!