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jcp Buttons!
586 days ago

I too love your show along with the NEW JCP stores. The button game has ups & downs like I have read below and for me as well. When I first went into the store while waiting in line a Spanish speaking cashier was cashier a lady ahead of me when a lady of the same ethnic race came rushing up and they kept talking in between waiting still on this poor lady, then out comes a hand full of buttons into that womans hands and off she goes. When this woman in front of me and myself get checked out all we get are 2 buttons each. Now mind you in the middle of their conversation half English & half Spanish, she spoke of how she went to each register today and collected buttons which she showed us all. I don't say this because I'm jealous I say this because it also happened again with the same cashier at the same store on a different day with a different ethnic customer. Comments or say Ho ho ho By the way I did win 2-$10.00 off any $10 purchase by Dec. 31.