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Name Bonnie
Age 43
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Hobbies school, work, and given back to the community (SAVERS, donations of phones, clothes) and blessing others with whatever I can.
About Me I'm 41 and I work with CBP and I live alone. I work and attend school, my mother and step dad are around. I left home when I was 21 to follow GOD and moving out of an abusive home mentally, emotional and physically. So I chose to follow GOD and now I work, school and just being a loner. I think when you are abused emotionally, physicall and mentally you don't want that for no one not even a baby or a human being. i have herpes 2, got operated not to have kids, and now I just work and finish school. Thank you Ellen for your show. It has helped me because i can turn my negative to positive. My mother used to call me Mentally retarded, useless and all. My aunt was alcoholic and my grandma died of demetia, and stroke, and my aunt same died both are missed taught me not to give up. my family is not doing good and i lost communication because I was to live my life. Thanks ellen
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612 days ago

Thank you Ellen for standing up for what you believe and for making people laugh, and be blessed from your generosity. Thank you!

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616 days ago

Thank YOU Ellen for what you believe in... values!!