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Bobby Eskowitz
Name Bobby Eskowitz
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About Me I'm a proud Dad of a 1 year old baby boy, Jack Ryder.. We dance to your show.. We love you Ellen..
Bobby Eskowitz
Are You Expecting Your First Child?
500 days ago

Hiiii.. Ellen, my wife really wants to come to show, we're expecting our first child on October 7th, and I would lovf to surprise her with tickets..,? Let me know how I can fill the form out and Surprise her with some tickets, she's had morning sickness pretty bad and it would be great for her to get out of the house...

Bobby Eskowitz
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
549 days ago

We got invited to Ellen's Birthday show on Friday, but I don't know how to get my tickets?
Can you let me know if I have to print them out or just show up?
Thank you so much
Bobby Eskowitz