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Bobbie Sylvester
Name Bobbie Sylvester
Location Cornwall, Ontario
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Hobbies reading, walking, listening to music and dancing
About Me I'm a mother of two with one on the way, recently married last month.
Bobbie Sylvester
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266 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am one of your biggest fans and watch your show religiously everyday, I like to watch your show because it just simply makes my day and this is when i can get my chance to relax and laugh and enjoy what i'm watching for at least one hour a day. I think your the funniest and most lovable person EVER! I reaaly want to go out and see one of oyur shows I told my husband if we ever win enough money to take a trip its goin to be to your show that would be the ultimate trip of a life time in my world. I'd love to go to your 12 days a christmas show been trying to figure out how to get tickets very confusing I might say, but anyways I love your show and all the great and good things you do for people keep up the good work and I'll keep watching everday Bye. Ellen