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I watched Jen Aniston on your today & she is even more beautiful than ever! I have NEVER wrote in to any site or anyone before even when I've had strong opinions about something. (It's just not me). But I just had to at least once voice something that has been on my mind a long time & would say straight to her if ever the chance. Jen is absolutely gorgeous, stunning & charming. For all the kindness & acts of "giving" she bestows upon everyone else she deserves a life full of wonderful things....& most importantly "good" people in her life. This part may be an "old" topic but I just have to say my 2-cents!! When she was married she gave 1 of the hardest but most important "acts" there is to give, in a marriage which was TRUST. She trusted "HER" husband (STILL NO ONE ELSE'S) to be professional at his job & not get sucked in by any 2-bit whore that can't find her own man! Which he show her his integrity & his values by the outcome. But no one can FORGET, that after the crash he still begged &begged her to forgive him & take him back!! Even after he knew "anal lips" had a bun in the oven!! He is only with blood carrying brother kissing family fighting physo woman cuz Jen GAVE him to her. Which once that happened HE had to try &save face to everyone! Which that's all he has been doing ALL THESE YEARS!! The true "spark" went out of his eyes when he finally realized the damage done &no turning back. No matter how many "kids" she tows around she will NEVER have Brads true & honest heart & she knows that!! That's why they haven't got married yet, & even if they's exactly for the reason they put out there & continue putting out there "the kids want them to"!!! It is not & NEVER WILL BE for the reasons Jen & Brad got married which was REAL LOVE & it showed to all close to them & the rest of the world watching.... Their electrifying magical fireworks that went off between them, you could see BOTH felt & truly displayed to everyone. The sparks that flew between there eyes was something that can't be made up, or faked & a blind person could see. That's why for so long afterward (still now) Brad wants...needs her in his life!! They are fleeting moments & memories of TRUE happiness for him!! Not the dark facade he's been living throughout these last years. Thats not how he was raised or "the family next door" vision he dreamed for himself, but is what happened once he was caught with his pants down! Cuz Jen is NOBODYS fool!! This may be silly to say but very very true.... Jen is a few years older than "anal lips" ("what do they make you think of?) but(haha) she looks AT LEAST 10yrs younger with that sleek toned body, skin that glows, & gorgeous hair shes famous for!! The "other" has a skeleton body that clothes hang off, pastie white skin that looks like she hasnt seen light in years, & black stringy hair that "SHE" thinks is cute to flip.....& its not!! So Mr. Brad who really got the LAST LAUGH!! Certainly not you or the imitation MRS. PITT.... oh that's right she doesn't even have the right to the real deal....the name title or the husband!! Do "I" feel bad for any " not so nice" words.....ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Not when there true OR when from one woman to another a tramp shows her true self of morals &values by using a very very old profession to get a man that she 1st hand KNEW was taken, she is the one that started the pain, never thinking what the costs were. Be cuz every woman out there knows the "things" she can get acting like a prostitute....some good some very bad!! Yet at the end of every day there is a winner and a loser....which Miss Jen is definitely the this day. Cuz throughout it all she acted like the graceful lady she is, not lower herself to any of the DISGUSTING antics &games miss anal lips played!! Even thru all the hurt & pain we all know she felt. Yet "butt lips" isn't smiling any more like she did in the beginning (just to taunt Jen) cuz everything nasty she put out there finally caught up to her!! While all along Jen was more than graceful, cuz ladies we all know if it had been would of been a lot more ugly....period!! So alls I've got left to say.... Cuddos to you Jen I know it was hard going thru...but keep being the outstanding respected gorgeous woman you are & we love ya!!! Besides you will ALWAYS have the last laugh cuz you are the one &only woman that has his heart that he gave it to freely thats why he still has that "look" in his eyes when he sees you, & you both know what i'm talking about! Mr. Brad will NEVER look at "butt lips" the way he still looks at you...& she knows it too!!! Hahahahaha all the way to the bank!!!!!! Could of went on but I think I made my point!! Thanks for hearin me Raggins