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Blanca Uriarte
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About Me I been married for 28 will be 29 on march 23 i have been living in coachella ca since i was nine i raise two of my husbands sons did not have any of my own but now i have 9 grandkids and love it and i work at california bank & trust for 14 years love your show when i have a chance to see it and i have a little mix dog today is my husbands birthday and we are going out for dinner.
Blanca Uriarte
A Big Inspiring Family Gets an Even Bigger Surprise
244 days ago

I have a big story about someting like that my son (stepson) just got togheter with her girlfriend 3yrs ago. She had 5 kids now 6 with my son's (real)son baby. I am very fortunate they are in my life i used to be sad because i did not had grandkids the only 2 grandaughters now another grandson lives in Memphis , Tenneesee. very far and only have seen them on two occations. So I give thanks to God for this kids now in our lives. My son was very lonly too. They now are in a big family and they love my son and they love us too. Fom 15yrs to 1and half. The kids are as happy with my son as he is and we now enjoy Thansgivin I now make turkey dinners for the big family and Christmas is not as it use to we gave to our neices and nephews now we don't go anywhere we have a big family and we love it. I did not have kids of my own I raise two boys from my husbands previous partner. Now I have 3 sons and 9 grandkids. Thank you Jesus for all you gave me.
thants my story Ellen i only see the show when I have a chance because I work late every day.
thank you for all you give out. May God Bless You.
Blanca Uriarte