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blanca alfaro
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Hobbies Walking, Listening to music especially oldies. Dancing, Aqua exercising, Watching your show.
About Me Dear Ellen, My name is Blanca Iris Alfaro. My husband is John Alfaro and this year we will be celebrating our 25th yr Anniversary. I have 3 wonderful Sons, Manny 36, Esteban 27 and My Baby John 22. I've been living in Pennsylvania 12 yrs. Originally from Brooklyn, New York. My husband and I are disable due to medical reasons. So I have him going crazy and that's a job I do well. I did not even need training. That's a gift God gave me and many other women. He always see me on the phone or computer."Who you on the phone with"? Ellen. What your doing in the computer??Ellen. I keep telling him, one day I will get her to call or invite me to her show or Call me for the 12 Day giveaway. Something. You never know. It's like lotto, you must be in it to win it. What else can I say about myself. I love living here in the poconos, around the mountains and looking at the stars at night. My life is simple and peaceful. I need a little excitement. So that where you come in. I love your show and love you. You put a smile in my face and millions of other. My dream is to tell you that in your face. Sincerely, Blanca Alfaro
blanca alfaro
And the Day 12 Winners Are...
666 days ago

Hi Ellen, Congradulation on your 10th season of your show. I just love watching your show. You are so funny and I love watching you dance. My dream is to one day be in the audience, watching you live. I love you Good luck