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Birgitte Vishart de Ripalda
Name Birgitte Vishart de Ripalda
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Hobbies my dogs are my hobbie
About Me i am married with 3 girls one just got married i am going to be a grandmother and my dream is to go to your show my daugther manege to get tickets but do to work i can make it but they are today over there
Birgitte Vishart de Ripalda
Wanda Sykes, Jared Leto
279 days ago

I was so glad to watch my girls on the show October 15th love that you are raising money for cancer my sister died 9 years ago to to both breast and ovarian cancer.
I record the show since here in Ecuador i watch it with a week of delay on Direct tv and i see it every morning thanks to Ellen i go to work feeling great when a arrive to work my stress begin but any how, makes my morning joyful big hog from the distance