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Birgit Sivertsen
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Birgit Sivertsen
Just Cool It
434 days ago

It's so true about the seasons.

You apparently have summer all year over there, but in Scandinavia winter has taken over the entire year.. x(

Birgit Sivertsen
Matthew Perry's Peach Joke Reaction
465 days ago

I love Matthew Perry, and I loved the peach joke..

I don't get the new joke, so that's probably why I don't think it's funny, but I'm pretty sure that it's just because it is stupid :)

Birgit Sivertsen
Women In Office
571 days ago

Also I think you are being a little silly about this whole thing.
Are you aware of how many good deeds Ellen does? She probably makes more people happy everyday, than most people do in a lifetime.

You said you are never gonna watch her show again, so I guess that means you used to watch it? Then you must know about all the good things she does for families in need.

Are you seriously gonna turn of her show, just because of this silly joke?

If you don't wanna watch shows were people are included who have told jokes, where they make fun of women, politics, blonds or whatever, then you might as well throw your TV in the trash.

Birgit Sivertsen
Women In Office
572 days ago

Relax it's just a joke. You need to find the difference between politics and humor.