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Billy Fridley
Name Billy Fridley
Location Burlingame, Kansas
Age 16
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Hobbies Dance, Rapping, Singing, Acting
About Me I'm a 15 year old performer from a small town in the midwest. See my website for my new dance single called SWURQ that was featured on E! News during Easter Weekend. or find me on YouTube at TheSWURQ or Billy Fridley
Billy Fridley
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473 days ago

Okay ELLEN - you said "KIDS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF BEG HARD ENOUGH"! I'M BEGGGGGGGINNNNNGGGGGG you to go check out my new music video for a song I made called "SWURQ" - I'm 15 years old and an unsigned artist from a really really small town in Kansas and the cool thing was I got featured on E! News please go check it out and see if you wanna SWURQ it out with me!