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Billie Palmer
Name Billie Palmer
Location Reno, Nevada
Age 61
Joined 604 days ago
Hobbies Trying to get into contact with Ellen or her entourage.
About Me I'm from Pasadena CA. I've had some petty bad medical problems since 2009. as soon as I'm able I want to voluteer to help veterans, seniors, animals where ever my decernment leads me.
Billie Palmer
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604 days ago

Wait. Marron 5 singing on you show. Ellen I knew you would make it when I saw you on Johnny Carson When God put you on hold.(lol) I've been trying for years to get a hold of you. I was going to give up my internet because my computer is such a dinsaur. The hollywood sign makes me miss my real home. I was born in Pasadena. I've asked for 12 days of givaway every year, I don't know when I can afford to go see my cousin in El Monte. I've emailed you I don't know how many times so I decided to write you a letter and it came back Return to Sender No such person at CBS. I had atten: Ellen Degeneres Help!