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Billie Caldwell
Name Billie Caldwell
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Hobbies I love to cook for my family , make gift baskets , backyard BBQ's and just sit in the yard on nice evenings .
About Me Im a single 50 yr old disabled woman w/3grown kids that raised alone . I have lupus . I love life and want my back .
Billie Caldwell
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244 days ago

Picking flowers !

Begin forwarded message:

From: Billie Caldwell
Date: October 29, 2013, 8:50:03 AM CDT
Subject: Destroyed in west by west people
Yes I so kn them . I have went to law 4 times and they haven't done anything about it . Haven't even looked at evidence of it . They have damaged my car ( 3 cars ) by destroying my airbag system to hook up their stealing wifi hotspot to filter their porno , money laundering site TUBE 8. Com . My front end on car has been tampered with . My other car was wired to blow up . A wire was from gas tank to fuel pump to battery to back side panel light . 2 employees from auto found it . It scared me so bad that I took off and went home sold all I had and left my home with nothing . I'm still homeless right now . I was working at tokio bar in the kitchen part for the past 4 months until they were breaking in my car in order to set up again In my new car I've only had 3 months now . I have no money . I'm on ssi disability . I'm sleeping on a couch for the past 4 months with people I thought were my FREINDS but not . They are involved also . This has been going on for a long long time . It has gotton very very serious now since these people kn I kn about their hacking . My life is in danger and I can not get any help from anybody or law wise in this area . I do not have the means to go Away . This area is not going to do anything about this cause they do not want the exposer and look bad in the news for being evil porno , money stealing people that used , threatened , destroyed a disable woman for their greed . They will kill me before they are exposed to the world as mean greedy people and not victims of the west explosion to the world . I will not stop til I find someone to help me or they kill me . Even they kill me I made sure that my story will be told .

Help me !! Billie Caldwell ph # 3109418830 Waco,tx 76705

Billie Caldwell
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256 days ago

My wish for Christmas " a home for Christmas " I'm homeless , disabled and was scared out of my home by hackers in the Waco , WEST Texas area . I've living here and there and my car . I'm so tired and want to go home for Christmas . GOD BLESS ALL !