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Hello Ellen and staff, just wanted to say how upset, disappointed, let down, fustrated, bitter, sad, and hopeless I am now.... On the 20th of Nov of this year after trying for years and years, I finally got tickets to see your show. So excited and really had huge expectations.... I recieved 4 tickets to the show. I of course took my best friend of over 30 years my Mother, my Auntie, and myself to the show.... we live in San Diego, so it wasnt like we had a huge trip to take, but non the less we ALL had high hopes of getting "Lucky" and beign apart of the 12 days of Christmas. Unfortunately we were not apart of that group.... and we got a dvd of twitches movie.... :0( needless to say it is so hard to watch your show because of the fact I am feeling so bitter... I still love you, your show, what you do for all, but I am bitter. I am a single mom, and so were all of my guests... we havent had an easy life, but we are still fortunate that we all have each other. With that, I just thought I would share my feelings, because seriously I could not barely watch your show while the give aways were going on... I was upset!!! still love ya, but totally had expectations..... and as we all know expectations are a B@#$^!!! ONE LOVE