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beverly wharton
Name beverly wharton
Location monroe, ga
Age 52
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Hobbies being a grandma and making memories to last a liftime
About Me very glad to be alive and are able to help my husband to hopfully recover from his stroke he is my love and bestfriend. being a good mother. wife, grandmother and friend.
beverly wharton
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
177 days ago

happy birthday ellen!!! i have wrote you several times. my husband and i have been married 33 years this 08/07/81. we have been a two inquit come family. in march of 2012 i had to mirtal value surgery and later that your year i had to have a pacemaker still trying to get in the right settting, my job let me go dec. of 2012.and then my husband had a stroke march last year, it affected his right. we have our self in pickle. we have two grandkids that live. our grandaughter is 10years old she a hugh one direction fan. our grandson is into video games mostly skylanders [he is deaf] and a great kid. thry both are. they dont see their father [he is blind] we are their security.i know you help other people and are very giving. we have had a really bad year. our van ot repossed. every time we take a step foward we seem to get knock back. please find it in your heart and help us a little. we love you and your show. and always be kind to everyone

beverly wharton
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183 days ago

hi ellen, i know how you feel i had the flu during christmas. it is awful, good news you will get better. you know everyone is praying that you have a full recovery. take it slow, you know that as we get older it might take a little longer to get better. it did take me a while because i have health problems, and my hudbabd had a stroke last year. we have two grandkids that live with us. we both are both disable. it has been very difficult, the last two years. every time we think we might get back on tract, something happens to knock us back down. we love your show and what you do for people. maybe one day we could get a little help. get well soon and be kind to everyone.

beverly wharton
You Write, Ellen Responds!
220 days ago

hi elle, it is me again. chris odonald was on your show the other day, talking about his daughter being a hugh one direction fan, when my grandson was getting home from school,he turned and saw a the big life size cardboard stand-up of them. he started to jump up and down, doing his sigh for emma [his big sister, he is deaf and still knows what a big fan his sister is at all times]. just thought it was cute seing him react that that way, for his sister. lol. be kind to one another.

beverly wharton
Day 7 of 12 Days, Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong
225 days ago

hi ellen, loved the show with tyler perry. i hope yall have a very christmas and a haapy new year. we are still haning in there. with my disability, and my husband having a stroke.[of 32 years] we are tring to give are grandchildern a good christmas. they live with us and their mom [she has mental issues]. we try and do are best. we were a two income household and now we are two diasable people tring to do are best. they are great kids, our grandaughter is 10 years old and our grandson is 7 years old [ he is deaf]. it is just a big adjustment for everyone. our daughter helps as much as she can [with stamps and paing rent but she has not gotten food stamps since oct. she is tring to get that fixed] but the money we are using for her food stamps could be used on christmas for them.

beverly wharton
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371 days ago

we have always loved your show. working full time we didn't always get home in time to watch. two years ago i got sick, after test and more test they found mitual vale leak on the left side of my heart, my job i worked for 20 years let me go. i had ti have heart surgery, and were able to fix the leak. i was still having a hard time, so i had to have a pacemker installed. then early this year in march my husband had a stroke. it affected his right side he had no short term disabilty and we are hanging on by a thread, our daughter and her two childern live with us, my grandaughter is 10yrs old and my grandson is 7 yrs old he is also deaf. we have always had to help out emotionaly financialy to help out wwith our grandchildern. they have through an alot in there life and hopefully with gods strengh and paryers they have come along way. we live in a trailer and it is fallinf apart,they dont complain, they are gratiful to finally have a place to lay there heads down at night. needless to say with what has happent to me and my husband we have very limited funds to do any repairs that are so badley. we always knew we never be rich because we love to help people [family and friends out] we don't ask for much, just enough to survuve and a roof over our head. you are the first person i have ever written to. you are the real deal [loving caring giving and just a great person all around.