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Beverly Mushung
Name Beverly Mushung
Location Monroe, Michigan
Age 63
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Hobbies Babysitting my great grandson 3 yrs old. Going to my great niece's pageants for Downs Syndrome (7 yrs 0ld).
About Me I have been watching your show for a long time now. I went on disability in 2009 because I am a diabetic and have sever neuropathy in my feet. I also was in a car accident and lost my coccyx tailbone. I am the eldest of 7 and lost two of my brothers ags 57 and 49 due to complications with their dieabetes. We all inherited from our mother, she was on kidney dialysis for some time before she died in 1999. Out of the seven of us siblings, 3 took insulin shots. I have now my youngest sister (50) that takes insulin shots. So far the others take pill form medicine. I use to be a cheerleader advisor for a local high school for 9th thru 12th grade. I had helped out with our Competitive Cheer girls with fundraising and helped my niece coach some of the sideline girls. I love being around kids and helping them do things. I never had any kids of my own, however, I did have one miscarriage 39 years ago. I wish I would of tried to have at least one living child but it just never happened. I guess that is why I have a love of all children. I have 4 grandchildren through marriage and one great grandson, the love of my life. Other than that I am a home body and watch your show faithfully. It is very entertaining and makes me laugh alot. I hope to meet you one day and would love to be in your audience. I have tried several times for tickets but it I just have no luck in getting through. I am not very technical when it comes to computers, cell phones, etc. I just know the basics and this year I just learned how to text on my cell phone. I do have an email and love facebook and the stupid Candy Crush Saga game (level 99).
Beverly Mushung
Sophia Grace & Rosie Play the New 'Heads Up!' Kids Deck
254 days ago

I think Sophia Grace and Rosie should sing "roar" with Katy Perry. That would be so great and put the girls in jungle outfits, like leopard or cougar prints. They really make the show. Love them all.