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Beverly Baker-DuBay
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I'm not very computer literate so please bare with me as I attempt to write this note. I am writing in regards to my sister Angie, who is at present in our local hospital, awaiting surgery to have a large mass removed from her airways. Angie is saint of all saints Ellen and really needs some help.She works at a Daycare center here in Yuma, Az and is going to school to get her degree in Child Develop.As a second job she works at our local racetrack to make extra money. Angie's husband Steve has been unemployed for several years.Her job does not offer insurance so she is in the hospital racking up bills she can't pay. Luckily we found a Dr. who is willing to do her surgery for 25.00. The mass sits at the bottom of her ventrical airways, and has completely blocked one airway and 60% of the other. The overwhelming rising cost of her hospital stay is taking a toll on her sanity. Angie would never ask anyone for help and she will probably kill me when she finds out I wrote to you. If you can't help her, we greatly appreciate your consideration anyway. Thank you for your time.