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Hobbies sewing cloth dolls, painting & crafting
About Me I was adopted by a nurse and a WW2 POW. Great parents. I have 3 grown kids, 1 stepson 4 grandchildren. Super husband. Love animals. Love Ellen!
Chirp Chirp Chirp
188 days ago

Oh my Gosh, I can relate. I had a carbon monoxide detector that started beeping because of a low battery. besides the ear splitting sound I could not get the thing open to fix it and I couldn't get it off the wall. I tried and tried so finally I took a hammer to it, beat the darn thing of the wall and tried again to get it open, all the time it is BLASTING that horrid noise! I ended up putting it outside in a garbage can, You could still hear it in the house. My husband came home and heard it beeping in the garbage can , he knew what happened. Thought I was gonna loose my mind and my hearing. The Nest sounds so nice!