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Bev Phillips
Name Bev Phillips
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Hobbies PHOTOGRAPHY, love teddy bears, dolls, stuffed animals, luv my grandkids, playing pranks sometimes... Love horseracing. Would like to learn how to play cards...
About Me Grew up on Peaks Island in Portland Maine. Had my 1st child at my parents house on Peaks - on the floor, w/help fr parents, firemen, friend who was nurse, aunt. Live near Boston with (2nd)hubby - married 35 years... Love NY at Christmas time! (Husband was couple streets away from 9-11 NY, saw 2nd plane hit). Love to watch the Kentucky Derby (usually from Foxwoods). Dad died on my birthday.
Bev Phillips
Ellen's Record-Breaking Tweet!
149 days ago

GREAT SHOW ! Loved the dress ! And pizza ... what a great idea ! So now I am wondering ... what kind of a tip did the delivery guy actually get ? (nice to see Portia and Jimmy Kimmel too)

Bev Phillips
Message from Ellen
177 days ago

Disagree with you Deb Schwitzer - not everyone looking for a job, receives one but that does not mean they are just sitting at home doing nothing. There are people struggling, doing their best at either trying to find a job and/or trying to pay their bills. People like you ASSUME people without a job are just sitting around doing nothing. Nothing further from the truth. I wish the "HAVES" could sit in the seats of the "HAVE NOTS" - deal with the struggles, paying the bills, putting food on the table. .... then tell everyone how good life is. It's tough too to deal with medical problems when the cost of insurance takes away from the electric bill or food bill. Your comment says a lot: “I would have found him a job made him and the kids fix up the house and set up a college fund." You, like so many people, including many in Washington D.C. have such easy solutions. “Get him a job” – just like that, so easy! You would have made this man and the kids fix up the house…..if people are struggling, trying to make ends meet, they DO NOT have any extra money, let alone money for fixing up their house. And…not everyone has the knowledge of how to fix up their home.

I think people like Ellen, who have the ability to help others AND DO help others, are few and far between.


Bev Phillips
Meryl Streep, Vanessa Hudgens
189 days ago

Reply to Rendi Guyton and Diana

The fellow who did the videos was Zak King. Here is the clip from Ellen's show: Roll down the page till you get to Vine Videos Jan 20 2014.