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beulah    simmons
Name beulah simmons
Age 81
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Hobbies play bingo.and stay home.
About Me i am sick now, so i just stay home"and watch tv,
beulah    simmons
Jamie Foxx, One Direction
575 days ago

i love theshow.

beulah    simmons
Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner
584 days ago

I am s o bless because i am still alive .i am sick and stay in house. I go to the doctor. You see i am on oxygen 24/7.When i go out i haven be on oxygen. So god bless you and your merry christmas and happy new year.

beulah    simmons
Usher, Amanda Seyfried, and Day 9 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

hi ellen i am a disable lady and i stay home isee you every morning. if i go out i go to the doctor because i don,t have money to by gas to go out.if i dont win i will be bless any way. god bless you and merry christmas.