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Betty Walsh
Name Betty Walsh
Location Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania
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About Me I am a married 52 year old Grandmother raising my 3 granddaughters. We live in a very small town in PA. We love you Ellen.....
Betty Walsh
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582 days ago

Dear Ellen,
My husband and I love you so much, you make our day. You are the sweetest kindest person I've ever seen. You make so many people HAPPY. And your always thinking about what you can do for the next person or family. We never miss a show. I have actually had a few dreams where we met and we ended up being really good friends. I was at every show. My granddaughter woke me up one morning and said Meme you were laughing out loud and I told her out of a deep sleep I was talking to Ellen. Hahahahahahahaha It was so real.... My husband and I are both on Social Security Disability and we are raising our 3 granddaugters. It would be such a blessing to get all 12 days.....