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Betty Pasek
Name Betty Pasek
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Age 53
Joined 382 days ago
Hobbies Watching Ellen and SIMPLE ACTS of KINDNESS!
About Me I deal with progressive MS every day so every day I try to walk and engage with people. If you slow down and notice, people can be so kind! You just have to notice.
Betty Pasek
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368 days ago

I would so love to meet Ellen in person. I suffer with progressive MS. I would try to dance with you and your audience. Thank you for all of the laughter!

Betty Pasek
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382 days ago

I suffer with progressive MS and I try every day to go out to engage with people. If I stay isolated, I can easily get depressed. I try to see in people SIMPLE ACTS of KINDNESS. I will notice things that people have done for me and then I journal it. At the end of the year when someone tells me that it was a bad year I can see all that people have done for me, or something I have done for someone. SIMPLE ACTS of KINDNESS will make you feel so good! Ellen if possible could you send a SIMPLE ACT of KINDNESS my way so I could see your show?