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Betty jeanotte
Name Betty jeanotte
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Hobbies Just taking care of my family
About Me Teacher for thirty four years five children thirty five grand children five great great grand children have worked all my life will retire in May of 2014 to take care of my mom now on my comments I wrote I lost my father in law for ten years he passed my husband had a massive heart attack after that than my dad got sick just lost him now my mom has. Only about ninety percent of her eyesight and she can't live alone thank you
Betty jeanotte
Win Day 13 of 12 Days!
118 days ago

Have tried to get on twelve days of give away several several times hope to hear from you real soon have my fingers crossed just one time enjoy your shows

Betty jeanotte
It's Day 11 of 12 Days
193 days ago

Enjoy watching Ellen have tried to get on the twelve days of Christmas wish I was there how do I become a winner it's was not a good year for me my father in law passed dec.12th 2012 took care of him for ten years my dad got sick just when I taught everything was going to be better my husband had a massive heart attack in March he had open heart surgery in . I said now everything is going to be ok well I lost my dad a month ago watching your show makes my day .and helps me cope with these things in my life.