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Name bettieduncan
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Hobbies I love the ellen show I love music and eellen dancing and christian musci and football and nascarand bacsetball
About Me I am a single mom with a childwith autism I work with old people who cannot help themself I go into their homes and give them bath and help with my salaryIcannot makeI it with my daughter with her disibitiles she has lots of doctors appoint.and I do not know what to do ,so ellen could you please help me to get a please to live and helpwithto of the doctorsbills ,we live with our father in law.could you please help?
Check In to Viggle!
437 days ago

dear ellen I am a single mom who works part time and helps old
people in their homes and I would like to win the 12 days
giveways I cannot make ends meat could you put me in the
drawing for the 12 days

An Amazing Surprise, Thanks to Shutterfly
519 days ago

dear ellen
I help old people in their home ,I give tnem bathesand
cleantheir houses and cook for them and help them out
anyway i can could you please help me get a house?