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Betsy Hutson
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About Me I have to start with my life's motto: Celebrate Life, every moment, because every moment is a gift from God. Everything I sign begins with, Lots of Love and Laughter, because what is life without either? I got my nickname betsybabe from my sweet yet brutally honest grandmother we call Nanny. I use it everywhere I can but apparently there are many who call themselves betsybabe, so I came up with the obvious solution and became thebetsybabe. My family is my heart and soul. My sweet, amazing husband Clint gives his all for us. We have 3 phenomenal children. Noah, a Senior and Valedictorian plans to go into biomedical engineering to find a true cure for me. He also wants to go on medical missions around the world. Hope, a Freshman just started back to school from being home schooled. Last year she did her schoolwork, almost all of the housework, and even taught our youngest his lessons because I am so sick. She even canceled her own birthday party because she knew I was too sick to handle it. Elijah, our youngest, is still being home schooled in the 1st grade. We were going to send him to school this year, but with the progression of my illness we will have to travel for medical care and I don't want to keep pulling him out of school because he will be going with us wherever we go. I have gastroparesis an incurable disease which keeps me from being able to hold down any food. I am currently on IV nutrition and many medications. We recently found the cause of my gastroparesis, Autoimmune Autonomic Dysfunction, another incurable "orphan child" disease. So little is know about these conditions but they are severely devastating. I refuse to be defined by my illness though sometimes I find myself getting lost in it. Awareness is key to finding a cure and as long as I have breath in my body I will fight to find a cure. When I was at my sickest I had to fight doctors just to get IV fluids, I had to fight my insurance company to cover anything related to my illness. I hopefully have found a breakthrough, a treatment they are doing a Ochsner Hospital in your home town of New Orleans.Your show is so uplifting and we all love it. It really brightens my day on those when I cannot even get off the couch. You are a bright and shining light in a cold and careless world. Thank you for being so amazing! Lots of Love And Laughter, Betsy
Betsy Hutson
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
564 days ago

I see where you say you have an announcement so big, I would have to be there to see it, but I am in the wrong LA. I am in Monroe, LA so you can see it might be kind of tough for me to be there to see it. Boy, I really hope I don't miss out just because I couldn't be there to see it. I think you know by now your show is a huge part of our lives, so if you can't bring us to see it, I hope you will bring it to us somehow. We love you and all the joy you bring so many people! I can't wait for your announcement on Friday, but I am really pumped about your show on Monday, heck I am pumped about your show everyday. It is my one hour where I don't allow myself to think about IV's, medications, the things I can no longer do for my family. For your hour I dance if I can, laugh because I must, and am touched at all the ways you are so kind to people. Lot's of Love and Laughter, Betsy: btw I started that signature way before lol was thought of, which I might take back because that shows my age, oh well.

Betsy Hutson
Flu Shot, Anyone?
620 days ago

You said don't be a Betsy, but I can't help it. Betsy is my name. You said Betsy 6 times in this monologue I just had to comment. I am sick and daily hooked up to IV's but I am not contagious. I don't go to work sick because I cannot work. You probably know that from the tons of letters I have sent you. In this case I just had to comment because not only am I a Betsy, but Robert Pattinson had to mention he got his dog in Monroe, Louisiana and guess what, that is where I live. I live in Sterlington, but Monroe is the "big" town. To get to the point, I am proud to be a Betsy and hope (that happens to be my daughters name)but I hope to be able to be visit your show one day, just in case that was not clear in all of the other letters I have written you. My entire family loves your show but to be clear I am not going to stop being a Betsy!