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Beth Snider
Puppy-Rescuing Firefighters Get a Surprise
270 days ago

I would like to nominate a group from Enid Oklahoma ! Fur ever friends is an animal rescue group run by Melba Evans , the group is a rescue run by donations, hard work, great compassion and a lot of sweat equity .
The group rescues animals from the local shelter, from the streets and occasionally from hoarding situations.
Rescued animals are fostered by extended members of the group and placed in fur ever homes at adoption days,showcased at community events and via Facebook posts.
All pets are completely veted and well cared for until a forever home can be found.
On occasion pets come to Melba with injuries resulting from abuse , one such pup was Ajax who was placed with Melba after his throat was slit by a sick individual. Ajax required 24 hour care to survive and with the help of Melba and other members of fur ever friends he will likely make a full recovery. Ajax is one of many fur babies that would have never had a chance with out Melba and the group!