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Message from Ellen
589 days ago

ellen, how great would it have been your gifts. i am a nurse, at 9/11 we where all put on stand by to either go to new york to aid or await causalities. we received neither and actually stayed in hope of being called. i was never so much struck as by the comments that getting only 3 caused soo much heart ache. two died. we are here to help and not being able too hurts BAD. if i had won the gifts, i would like to donate them to the first responders, the hopital staff and of course, the dedicated police officers, who RUN into situations only to save and help. true heroes. to the parents i am still crying, god bless. you do have a nation now behind you and yours. i have no more to say. GOD BLESS ALL.

Brendon Ayanbadejo Responds to Chris Kluwe's Letter
678 days ago

ellen watched the show when you recommended we read chris's letter. took me some time but i read it today. i have a child who is struggling now and is questioning so much that i can only say to her i would love her no matter what. my child is gorgeous and i would not change anything or let others beat her down. i tried to get a jersey for her with chis's name and number, but the vikings web site does not offer it. i sent them an e-mail and am now sending you one hoping you can help. i do not know if my girl is ready to come out yet but i wanted to get her the jersey and a copy of chis's letter just to show her i support and love her. thanks ellen, the world is a much better place because of you. thank you. beth morrison