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beth klinedinst
Name beth klinedinst
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About Me I am very happily married for almost 28 years. I am in food service at a local middle school, which I love. I've raised 2 beautiful children. I have a beautiful black cat named Jeffrey. I just love to have fun! I'm a happy person and love to laugh!
beth klinedinst
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447 days ago

The Best!- I thought, was different than what you posted. My favorite moment happened on two different shows. Andy and his flu shot, and Andy tripping over whatever he tripped over. So, I have to laugh at Andy, Bless his heart, you do abuse him, but I love it! The Funniest of all of this is your Laughter!! I see the funny from the get-go, but when you just sit in you chair and laugh, and tears are rolling down,----That is FUNNY!!