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Beth Harper
Name Beth Harper
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Hobbies Golf, Gardening, Jewelry Making, Travel, Reading, Rafting
About Me I live atop a mountain in the southern Appalachians with my husband of 35 years and our two basset hounds. Gary and I have operated our own business on our 8 acres for 30 years - we sell whitewater rafting equipment across North America - it is called MoR River Gear. Gary started the first rafting company on our home river, the Ocoee River, in 1976. We built our own house - doing all the work ourselves as well as building a log building from trees we needed to cut one winter. We have 3 neighbors and are surrounded by The Cherokee National Forest. Our dream was to always work at home and we feel that we have achieved our dream - together! Our life centers around running rivers, and this has taken us to many foreign countries as well as to many incredible National Parks within the US. We spent numerous falls working on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. We have made different non - main stream choices throughout our years together and they have all added up to one incredible ride! We are each others best friend!
Beth Harper
The Best of Classic Joke Wednesday
292 days ago

Here is my submission for a Classic Joke ....

A duck walk into a drug store and tells the clerk give me some chap stick please. The clerk say sure, cash or charge? The duck says put it on my bill.