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Message from Ellen
181 days ago

Happy Birthday Ellen,
On my birthday I send my mom flowers, people are like why? I say because I wouldnt have one if not for her. So I want to thank your mom for giving birth to a women who does so much for others & brings laughter to her viewers everyday!! I wasn't able to watch today, as I tried to cut my puppies nails for the 1st time, & I clipped it to short it bled BAD!! Talk about feeling bad, I was crying, If I had watched your show I'm sure it would have cheered me up. The world is a better place with you in it. I hope this days brings you much happiness filled with everything you love.

Beth a Martello
Did You Know This About Chris Kluwe?
558 days ago

Ellen, Chris was great, Branden, from the RAVENS,is awesome for tarting this, I dislike the politics all around this, I just moved from Balt to New Jersey, but love my RAVENS, I know you're a Staints & now Green Bay fan, but you should jump on the Ravens side, we are going to the superbowl!! Gotta do it for Ray Lewis. p.s. I would love to be at the game!! hiny hint, have a dear friend in Orleans havent seen in over 15 yrs. So impressed Chris made that punt outside, only wish our (Ravens) made the winning FG last year, This is our pay back to New England on Sunday...GO RAVENS