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Bernice Shrieves
Name Bernice Shrieves
Joined 602 days ago
Hobbies I love going to church, and watching the Ellen Degeneres Show, I would love to meet you one day in person.
About Me I am 52 years old, I have never been outside of Baltimore, I have one son (Nicholas Shrieves), I am so very proud of him, he takes care of me when I am sick. I am disabled, I have problems breathing, I have sarcoidosis, diabetes and osteoporosis. Its hard to walk. Ms. Ellen I would like you to know that I am very proud of you. You are not afraid to be the good person that you are, stay strong, God is using you. Love you Bernice Shrieves
Bernice Shrieves
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359 days ago

Hello Ms. Ellen
I feel like I already know you, you are in my life every
day, making me smile. My name is Bernice Shrieves, and my son
whom I love very much, Nicholas, we love the way you come into
people's lives and make such a difference. I wanted to be just
like you, until I became disabled. I have Sarcoidosis, it is
a problem with my lungs, breathing, but I always manage to
laugh and smile, when you come on TV. We my son and I would
love to meet you in person, possibly one of your 12 days of
Christmas, My son and I have never been outside of Baltimore,
and can not afford to come to you. Please Please, let us come
to your show. Sincerely Yours Bernice Shrieves
Phone number 410-362-0839

Bernice Shrieves
Win All of the Day 6 Giveaways!
360 days ago

I really want to be on one of your 12 day giveaway shows, my son
and I have never been anywhere, and he so desperately wants to travel,
please , please, let us come to one of the shows, my son's name is
Nicholas, and I am Bernice Shrieves.

Bernice Shrieves
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602 days ago

Hi Ms. Ellen, I have watched you since, I saw you on HBO Standup
comedy. I would one day like to meet you. I would love to come to your show one day, please enter me in the 12 days, I am disabled at the age of 52, I have sarcoidosis, diabetes and osteoporosis in my legs and my hands and shoulders. But I have nothing for my son for christmas. He (Nicholas Shrieves) is such a good young man. He received a scholarship, and he attends, University of Baltimore, he also has a part time job. But due to the hurricane all of our food went bad. Please help if you can. Bernice Shrieves