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Beren Chalmers
Name Beren Chalmers
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Hobbies watching ellen!, making inspiration boards, shopping (bad,bad hobby!)spending time w/ my kids and grandkids
About Me I'm 50,I live w/ my 14 yr old son. i am on ssdi (social security disability). To look at me most people wouldn't know why, but i have my reasons. i've won alot of battles in my life, but i'm sure i have a few more to face. but i am happy to be where i am in life, with my kids, who i love w/ all my heart, and my grandson, the one i get to see and know and hold and love. SO....healthy, happy, all is good for now :)
Beren Chalmers
Jared Leto on Pizza and the Oscar Selfie
145 days ago

you and jay leto look pretty darn happy right there Ellen. that selfie was awesome tho! i just love you! i have a ton of pics i would love to post, but i suck at facebook and i don't know how. :( you would looove my cat... and my grandson!! anyhoo, love ya!

Beren Chalmers
Joel McHale Loves the Seahawks
177 days ago

hi ellen, i love you very much, you bring alot of much needed laughter to the world. i have been a fan since way back in the day of the tripping over the "pebble" on the sidewalk days, you have always made me laugh. i have alot of pics and such i would like to send to you of my grand son (cutest baby in the universe, of course!) and our cats, but, alas i am computer handicapped and don't know how, i don't even know if you will get this e mail, i am typing w/ one finger. sad, i know.sooooo, love you your show, hope you get my e mail, maube i'll send you
a pic some day! happy birthday!!!