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Belma Weeks
Name Belma Weeks
Location Brooklyn, NY
Age 62
Joined 615 days ago
Hobbies '''watching talk shows, playing cards, traveling, sewing, listening to music(old school),reading, searching for bargains, signing up for free stuff.
About Me I love to laugh, which Ellen make me do a lot. I like to meet interesting people. I am short and voluptuous. I am a senior citizen and loving every minute of it. I have done some traveling in my days and would like to continue if possible. I have three adult children (two of them keep returning home:). I would like to live children free. I am looking for some excitement or do something that take me out of my comfort zone(I better be careful what I ask for. I recently went registered on Christian Mingle. I enjoy being with my long term friends, which do not live close to me. We communicate by phone a lot and once a year we tried to meet up with one another.
Belma Weeks
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226 days ago Didn't see my name. I am going to put my glasses on because I know it must be there.....JUST SAYING:)

Belma Weeks
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226 days ago

love you Ellen, Love you in Disney World with the Dinosaurs (you were the narrator), Loved your show from way back, love in your commercials, I think that you are one of the funniest people that I listen to. I love you eyes, I just love you! Oh by the way, if you find someone for Loni maybe you can find someone for Me, just saying.....

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