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Belia Avila
Name Belia Avila
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Hobbies Would like to travel. Camping.Taking care of grandchildren.
About Me I am 58yrs, I am unemployed at the moment. My husband is disabled. My oldest son just had his first baby. I thank God, for my answer prayer, because I didn't want to die and not see a grandchild of my oldest son. I have 3 other children and they all have children. But my oldest didn't his wife has 2 grown children already and in college so at first I think she didn't want any more, but I prayed hard. Anyway, I have being helping my son with the baby at night so they can rest. In the morning I leave there home to go see about my sister who leaves 30 miles away, who just had eye surgery, and help her. I also help with parents taking to dr visits, errands. I take my niece dr office occasionaly to Houston, I am always taking someone to the drs in Houston. Ihave take my nephew to dr because he couldn't drive had injured knee. I am always doing something for a family member. Sometimes I feel tried, but never say no. I feel I am blessed to be able to do for others.
Belia Avila
It's a Bonus 12 Days Giveaway!
429 days ago

Hi Ellen,

i love your show. Your are awesome. I am trying to enter for a ticket
to your 12 days of Christmas. I have tried for weeks but have not been able to find it or I think I'm in that website then it takes me to a different link. I only have one wish that is to be in you 12 days of Christmas. Thanks