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Becky Watson
Name Becky Watson
Location Bergen, NY
Age 41
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Hobbies crocheting, reading, facebook and Ellens show.
About Me Disabled nurse I love what I was doing but a bad stroke took that away from me, but I survived that AND a medically induced coma for a rotten pacreatitis. I spend about 5 days out of each month in the hospital. People think im a hero and are always saying "I dont know how you do it, Id curl up and give up. But at the end of the day, I am blessed in sooo many ways too blessed to give up on life. I love you Ellen! I want some ellen undies please. :)
Becky Watson
Howie Mandel on Underwear
590 days ago

Howie and Ellen! You both ROCK and The two of you together are hilarious. Your show is the highlight of my day. I have to tape it because im usually cooking when you come on. I savor the moment when everyone goes to their caves for the night and i can sit down and wath your show! My husband often comes out and comments that he knows what i am watching when I start giggling like a fool! My mom watches your show when she gets out of work at 11 PM and we get on the phone the next day and laugh somemore. I seriously cant jump through hoops but if I could I would jump through hoops of fire to get tickets on your show. Please never stop your show and keep me laughing. I ALSO LOVED YOUR 90'S sitcom and my daughters middle name is based on a character on there