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Becky Miller
Name Becky Miller
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Hobbies painting, sewing, knitting, bookkeeping, needlework, sudoku, number games
About Me I am a self employed single mom with two adorable puppies. I like to paint picture frames to match the picture. I like to paint the walls of my home unusually. My life is a soap opera. It is a daily struggle. But I love my life.
Becky Miller
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448 days ago

I want to thank you for all the people you have helped. My life is a soap opera. In the last year I found out my year old puppy had epilepsy, broke up with my fiance because he was controlling and then he died after minor surgery 2 months later, I was a victim of identity theft, I found out my older dog had cancer and she died a week later and I lost my part time job. And that is just the last year. But the people you have on your show remind me that there are people who are worse off then me. I have my two sons who I adore and two adorable puppies. My finances are in the toilet but I love me life and where I am in my life and I know somehow I will make things work. I have had so many bad times in my life but I always make it work. So thank you for helping so many people who are struggling and need help. Thank you.