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Bear Watkins
Name Bear Watkins
Location Sioux Falls, SD
Age 54
Joined 599 days ago
Hobbies I LOVE watching Your show ELLEN,You make Me Laugh and Your so down to Earth and So Giving..I watch Your show Everyday..and LOVE when You scare people*lol* I've wanted to meet You for along time and see Your Show,but have NEVER been able to get tickets..I love computer games and playing my hidden object games on my laptop,and I also play DIABLO 1 and 2 and also play DIABLO 3. I'm a huge DALLAS COWBOYS Fan. Another Dream is to watch My COWBOYS play in Texas someday. I'm also always up in SKYPE too. I would LOVE to be surprised my You ELLEN up in my Name up there is Bear.Watkins I know You have surprised other home viewers that way,I would LOVE to be one of them... I also LOVE Horror Movies*lol* I can Never get anyone to go with me,they think I'm gonna scare them*and their right*LOL* I Love Stephen King movies and Books. I'm also very into The Paranormal. On My 18th Birthday I experienced a "Clinical Near Death Exp" and was Dead for 9 minutes,I remembered everything and was brought back to share my exp.with Others.
About Me I am a Female..Bear has been my nickname since I was 27 when I first came out as a Lesbian..I"ve been a Singer/Songwriter/Musician most of My Life,I play 4 instruments. Started Piano at the age of 3,then went to Guitar,taught myself Drums and harmonica. I"ve played in many bands,and enjoy making people happy with my Gift of Music*S* I got the chance to not only meet and get their autograph,but I met 2 of the members of Rascal Flatts,plus their music Producer and They got to hear me sing,and I blew Them away with my "Michael Bolten's Verson of Georgia on My Mind". My Dream is I hope one day to Sing on Ellen's Show,and to meet REBA. I am Disabled and walk with a Cane. I played sports all my life in school and now my knee's have paid the price. I wish I had a Car cuz the first thing I would do is drive to the show to meet ELLEN. I did This Song from My HEART and It has Touched MANY LIVES,I'm on a free recording site that I am on.I'm So ThankFul..Please LISTEN.. Its a song by Big & Rich... "HOLY WATER" I'm Hoping that ELLEN See's This Also, I would LOVE to sing this on Her Show..Others Have Posted This on Their FACEBOOK Pages,and Your Welcome to ALSO...Please LETS STOP ALL ABUSE.. This song hits hard for me as I went thru Sexual Abuse the first 18 yrs of my Life,and I shared abit of My experience on my song page. Now I have become a Advocate for those Voices who can NO longer speak out. I PRAY that Ellen get's the chance to hear this that I sang. I am in the process of writting a song from my exp of childhood sexual Abuse to reach out and touch Other lives and Hearts. Bear Watkins