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barry groves
Name barry groves
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Hobbies winning prizes or the lotto
barry groves
Message from Ellen
579 days ago

tinsel is the secret word and i have told you that. How come I haven't won yet. i can't go shopping because I have to stay home to watch your show for the secret word. Now that I have it and sent it to you I should win right? If I don't win you have to take me shopping, LOL. Hope to hear that call soon. I would put my number here but I KNOW what would happen if I did that.

barry groves
It's a Bonus 12 Days Giveaway!
581 days ago

receiving is my favorite too!!! Please pick me to win!!!!

barry groves
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
583 days ago

love your show watch everyday i also enter every year for the twelves days of Christmas but i do not thin you get my message because I never win anything. WHATS UP WITH THAT??