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barbara smith
Name barbara smith
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Hobbies sewing, and setting on the beach.barns and novel,and movies with my 24 yr old son.
About Me i'm love to drive, i was simi driver for 22 plus yrs. all over the u.s.a. and i steal enjoy children and grandchildren,and i have one new great grandson,and live tn the millington area.we lived there all of my life . thats where the rest of my family lives. my hubson drives now, he was not home christmas. the truck he traded for has ben down most of the time.and i'we ben so depresed ,with the moving,leaving family family. and my oldest brother past aug 2011 and my little brother the first of sept,2011 five days.
barbara smith
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561 days ago

Ellen i have watched every time you'r on tv. It's great,I would like very much to,win the five days of christmas .We're trying very hard. and just caun't seem to get ahead on our bills . i had 2 brothers pass away last year the end of aug, and the outher the first of sept. five days apart it is so hard to get back on track ''can you pleaes help.' barbara smith