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Barbara Sengstack
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Barbara Sengstack
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551 days ago

Hi Ellen! I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday!!!! I am one of your biggest fans and just wanted to say "Happy Birthday"! I hope it is your best birthday yet. Much happiness always! Love ya, Barbara

Barbara Sengstack
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665 days ago

Hi Ellen. I watch your show twice each day: it's on at 3pm and then on again at 4pm. I really enjoy your show because you are just so funny and just such a kind generous person. My husband and I really need a new car. Our car has about 215,000 miles on it. My husband was laid off from his job last November and I am unemployed and am trying to find a job to no avail. We have a teenage daughter whose schedule is demanding and a new car would really help us out. Please consider us. Luv ya! From one of your biggesst fans Barbara PS I would enter the contest but I am new on the computer and I don't know how to download a picture yet. (embarassing but I am learning)