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Barbara Rennie
Name Barbara Rennie
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Hobbies watch my son wrestle,let my dogs out ,read email on the computer,roller skate
About Me Hi,I am 36 years old and I have a loveing husband .I have two boys and a step daughter.What I realy would like is to give my kids a great christmas this year 2012 but we can not afford it because I can not find a job.But besides all of that we would love to have a nice tv .Right now we have a old big tv and its picture tube is going out.I would love to buy or win a flat screen and let my kids have a good christmas to.I do not have a job and we realy can not afford my kids alot for christmas.I had to tell them that Santa is on a tight budget this year and you have to stay at $100.00's or less this year.So there response was ok mom we will right our list out.So they did a small list .My kids are so understanding it just amazes is me how much they care and under stand when times are tough there ages are 13,13,10. They are so great and I just wish I could afford them a better christmas this year but what matters most of all is that we are all together.Thank you for listening have a great day. sincerly, barb
Barbara Rennie
Mila Kunis, Tegan and Sara
528 days ago

Hey Allen, I watch your show a lot and This year for the 2013 of the twelve days of Christmas giveaways I would like to try and get two tickets for my cousin and I to come during those days that you give the audience free stuff it would be awesome and the best Christmas gift ever.So could you please send more information thank you have a wonderful day and many more.