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Barbara Park
Name Barbara Park
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Hobbies caring for animals, animal advocacy, vegan cooking,
About Me I am a teacher, mother of three daughters, vegan, an animal lover and advocate.
Barbara Park
The Stye Must Go On
232 days ago

Ellen, we have always had things in common. Our age, our love of animals, but when I saw you with an eye patch and you said it was a stye I was like...whoa...because I also have a stye right now...first time ever. Started as a little bump and turned into a huge, painful, ugly monster thing. I'm a teacher, and my daughter suggested I wear an eye patch and do a pirate thing to have fun with it at work since I can't wear makeup ( I didn't do that). But then I saw you with your eye patch because of a stye and I thought, gees, Ellen and I are like cosmic soul sisters. I'm dreading the "L" word (lance!) and hoping this thing goes away with the antibiotics the doctor gave me. Hope yours is feeling better as well!!